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Manos en un Mtt, necesito ayuda

    • Obiwanqcobra
      Registro: 04-21-2014 Artículos: 1
      good morning
      [24-Nov-14 13:14:44] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO: I have a few questions about my game and how to improve it.
      [24-Nov-14 13:16:21] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO: First of all, I keep hearing about "a good flop for the pre flop defender range", what exactly constitutes a good flop for the defender range? flops that are King queen or jack high? because people 3bet or call iposition with things like JK, QK, QJ, Qt, JT, KT?
      [24-Nov-14 13:16:33] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO: And what about the preflop raiser range? ace high boards?
      [24-Nov-14 13:17:46] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO: I am getting my ass kiked and holdem manager normally gives me (eg last sesion) positive ev: 112 ev, bb/100 and ev net won 91,6... am I getting unlucky or do I just suck?
      [24-Nov-14 13:18:08] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO: here are some of the hands I lost with in a tourney I though I was playing very well:
      [24-Nov-14 13:18:15] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO:
      [24-Nov-14 13:19:30] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO:
      [24-Nov-14 13:21:07] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO:
      [24-Nov-14 13:23:16] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO:
      [24-Nov-14 13:26:10] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO: in hindsight maybe this one could be avoided... although it makes me thing of some ground rules for tptk, should I just play two streets agains a player I respect and call people I think are more fishy no matter the volume?
      [24-Nov-14 13:26:13] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO:
      [24-Nov-14 13:28:15] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO: I think this other one was played really really poorly, but I do not know what my though process should have been, thinking he has the ace or flush draw because he calls my donkbet on the flop?
      [24-Nov-14 13:28:17] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO:
      [24-Nov-14 13:29:26] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO:
      [24-Nov-14 13:31:19] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO: I know there are a lot of hands, and I am a bad player, but I am working hard on my game and getting very tilted when this things happen. I am reading harrington and wathing the videos, and when this shit happens to me I think about quiting poker. All this happen to me in the same tourney I was third for a long time, had to remake my self two times, and the third time I got beat I tilted and suiced...
      [24-Nov-14 13:32:05] IÑIGO MORALEDA DELEITO: suicided
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    • morrison18
      Registro: 04-30-2007 Artículos: 950
      Hand 1: not worth risking so much, you have a good stack.
      Hand 2: Clearly you're ahead, it hurts the next few streets are bad for you. Nothing to do.
      Hand 3: This good move in my opinion.
      Hand 4: I do not like the call on the river.
      Hand 5: Okay you push allin on the flop. I think this movement well.
      Hand 6: I'm not sure OR seems hand is some weak.
      Hand 7: I think you played well and you reduce possible loss of your stack.

      You are good with your game, if that happened to you in the same tournament no problem, you have to play either more.
      Please next time try to post in Spanish :yaoming: . I have no problem understanding English but many, say the majority speak Spanish here.

      Best regards!