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Numero de ciegas en ZOOM

    • D4NIP0KER
      Registro: 06-22-2009 Artículos: 952
      Hola, alguien sabe como saber el numero de veces que ponemos las ciegas en una hora x ejemplo en zoom poker, para pt4.

      para saber si pago muchas mas veces que cuando jugaba a cash y tener una referencia. muchas gracias majet@s.

      :roto2: :roto2:
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    • caribemania
      Registro: 04-04-2010 Artículos: 1.317
      tienes una forma de hacerlo, no se que tal vas de ingles

      Create a new Column called "date_session_start" with the Expression:
      Enable the "Group By" option and set the Summary Type to 'Count Unique'. 'Group By' means that all hands for which the session started at the same time will be grouped together into a single row in the report.
      Click 'Save'.

      Now create a new Statistic called "Session Start" with the name of the new column in the Value Expression:
      On the Format tab set the Title ("Session Start") and Width (120). You can leave the Format Expression blank but set the Format Summary Expression field to:
      format( '{1} sessions', date_session_start )
      On the Categories tab select just Time Played.
      Click 'Save' and 'Apply' to create the stat.

      (For examples and walkthroughs of this process please see the Custom Statistics and Reports FAQ.)

      Now on the Cash Games > Reports tab select the 'Holdem Cash Player Statistics' section and click New to create a new report.
      Give it a name ("Session Stats", maybe).
      Add the new "Session Start" stat along with any other stats you'd like to see - Limit, Hands, VP$IP, PRF, etc.
      You might want to add a date filter if you have played a lot of sessions so that the report isn't too big.
      Run your report and you should see one row for each session displaying the stats.

      aqui te dejo el report