Me banearon la cuenta sin jugar!

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      SISIS lo unico que jugaba eran sits y hace mas de 3 semanas que no estaba jugando cuando de pronto

      Dear Juan Gigena,

      Please be advised that Full Tilt Security has temporarily suspended your Full Tilt Poker account, pending a full review.

      Automated systems have discovered indicators of possible account misuse, which violates the Full Tilt Poker Site Terms and End User License Agreement.

      Specifically, your account is under investigation for the use of prohibited software. Please see the information below regarding our policies on prohibited programs:

      More information on prohibited programs can be found in the Full Tilt Poker Site Terms and EULA:

      To be clear, players on Full Tilt Poker must make their own decisions, without advice or support from software programs or algorithms. Full Tilt Poker exercises a zero-tolerance policy on the use these prohibited programs. Using such software is grounds for immediate closure of the account and forfeiture of account funds. (100% of confiscated funds are distributed back to the victims of the cheating).

      1. The following types of programs are not acceptable under any circumstances:

      * Automated poker-playing programs capable of participating in online poker games
      * Shared hand history databases, including subscription services, and the exchange of personal databases

      2. The following types of programs are not permitted during play:

      * Programs that make recommendations on what to do in the current hand (e.g. fold, call, raise)
      * Programs that provide assistance in making poker decisions and confer an unfair advantage over opponents

      3. The following types of programs may not be allowed during play, depending on their specific use:

      * Subscription services that provide extra information about opponents, such as tournament histories and statistics
      * Programs that could be used for collusion between players
      * Programs that provide or assist in table selection
      * Poker calculators that compute poker probabilities or hand values
      * Other programs that confer an unfair advantage to the user

      4. Notwithstanding the above, the following types of programs are currently permitted:

      * Database programs for the analysis of personal hand histories (i.e. hands in which the player is dealt cards)
      * Programs that display statistical information taken from the player's personal hand histories
      * Programs that assist in learning the skills of poker, provided that they are not used during play

      Full Tilt Poker is committed to maintaining the fairest poker games available anywhere. We do not permit or condone any conduct that could diminish the integrity of our games. Misuse of such programs can result in a permanent loss of playing privileges, and possible forfeiture of account funds, depending on the severity of the offense.

      No action is required by you at this time. However, if you know of any specific reason why these indicators may have been reached in error, please contact

      You will be informed of the results of the review when it is complete. We understand your desire to have this matter resolved quickly, but please understand that investigations require extensive data collection, analysis, and the cooperation of various other parties, all of which affect the amount of time required.

      Thank you for your patience while this required review is conducted.

      Full Tilt Poker Security and Fraud

      Alguien que me ayudeeee!!!! que puedo hacer?
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