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Robo account fulltilt :(

    • DveGa
      Registro: 04-04-2007 Artículos: 92
      Hello Ignacio,

      Thanks for writing in.

      After a review into your account I can confirm that your account lost $120.85 on 11/14/08 during what can be considered a 'foreign login' and occurred using a computer you have not utilized in the past. During this login, the funds were lost on the tables in legitimate hands and unsuccessful deposit attempts were made on your account. The funds were not deliberately lost to a specific player in a fraudulent manner.

      To further understand this issue, we kindly ask you to answer the following questions if applicable:

      1) Have you given your login information to a family member or friend?
      2) Have you given your login information to any third party websites?
      3) Do you often leave the 'Remember Password' button checked?
      4) Have you recently downloaded any third party software (data mining programs, e-books etc.)?

      Finally, regarding any potential reimbursement I'm afraid we will not be able to refund you the money. From our perspective the money was lost in legitimate hands to legitimate players. Refunding players in these situations would create a loophole for dishonest players to simply claim any loss as fraudulent activity.

      Do not let our denial of reimbursement function as any slight to you as a customer. We are by no means insinuating that you are putting in a false claim or attempting to defraud Full Tilt Poker. However, please know that compromised accounts are never the result of any security issues on the part of Full Tilt Poker. Almost always a logical explanation can be deduced after examining the off-site activity of any given username.

      For security measures, we have suspended the basic functionality (play, chat, transfer etc.) of the account pending confirmation you have changed your password and regained control of the account. This functionality will be restored after e-mail confirmation from you that the password has been changed.

      We do encourage you to email in should you have any additional information to assist us in this matter. Ultimately this will help us determine the best course of action to ensure your account security in the future.


      Full Tilt Poker

      Pues me han robado la cuenta asociada con pokerstrategy y aunque hay pongan 120$ eran bastantes mas ;( Encima dicen que no me van a devolver ni un duro ni nada... Es increible que lleve como cerca de 1 mes, con emails hacia ellos porque mi cuenta estaba bloqueada, enviando DNI + facturas + fotos a la tarjeta de credito, a la cuenta del banco... Para que ahora me digan esto?

      Me siento decepcionado por la sala la verdad.

      Esta era mi sala asociada con pokerstrategy y la otra donde juego es en pokerstars, se puede hacer algo para asociarla una vez que ya empeze a jugar? Porque fulltilt es obvio que no volvere a pisarle en la vida.
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