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Términos y Condiciones

Refer a Friend

Click for the full terms and conditions of our December Refer a Friend Promotion.

SNG Turbo Boost

Points boosts are valid only on Titan Points generated at SNG Turbo and Super Turbo tournaments and will be issued as Club Points.
A 30% Points Boost will be issued on all Points generated at the relevant tournaments between December 1st-15th.
Players who have generated 1,000 Points or more whilst playing SNG Turbos and Super Turbos from December 1st-15th are entitled to receive a 50% Points Boost on Points earned at the relevant tournaments during the second half of the month (December 16th - 31st).
Points Boosts based on gameplay from December 1st-31st will be issued on January 1st, 2014.
SNG Turbo extra Points do not count towards clearing bonuses.
SNG Turbo extra Points are not considered for VIP level monthly requirements.
Players are required to OPT IN to this promotion in order to be eligible for points boosts.

Beginner SNG Freerolls

All Beginners SNG Freerolls are open to players who have signed up within the previous 90 days.
Players may play up to 3 freerolls per hour.

December Daily Offers

“SNG 3 + 1”

Registration will run daily from 00:00 -23:59 client time. Once the tournament registration is over, the list of players registered will be checked and tokens will be issued the following day.
Players are entitled to receive only one (1) free token per day.
Tournament tokens are valid for 7 days.
The 3 SNG’s played are required to be of the same buy-in, in order to receive a 4th free SNG of the same buy-in.
Sit 'N' Go tournaments included in this promotion are based on their end time. Tournaments that started prior to the end time of the promotional period yet finished after the end time, will not count towards the promotion.
The use of tokens as entry to tournaments does not entitle players to earn Points.


For the promotion 50 X big blinds for every hand won at showdown, winning hands include Straight Flush or Royal Flush.
Winning hands at cash games will only be considered if two or more players reach the showdown stage of the hand (after all betting rounds).
To list the appropriate PROMO CODE, please access the "My Account" section in the software.
Only PROMO CODES inserted on the day of the specific promotion will be relevant, there will be no option to insert a PROMO CODE and participate in the promotion in following days.
Players are required to contact support when relevant, in order to receive their prize.
Prizes issued by support should be claimed the following day of the promotion, requests made later than the following day will not be handled.
All events can be achieved once per day.
Players caught soft playing or colluding for the sole purpose of abusing this promotion, will have their accounts frozen and will not be eligible for prizes won in this promotion.
Titan Poker has the right to amend/cancel the promotion at its sole discretion at any given time.
All decisions made by Titan Poker management are final.

En esta promoción se aplican todos los Términos y Condiciones de Titan Poker.com y pueden cambiar en cualquier momento.

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