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Help With Ps Account

    • andresgc67
      Registro: 08-08-2011 Artículos: 143
      Hi, need some urgen hekp: A friend of mine who plays microstakes stts at Pokerstars, received this email today after his account was frozen:

      > We have noticed that you were recently involved in the practice of collecting large volumes of PokerStars hand histories from games in which you did not participate. This type of activity is commonly referred to as "datamining", and it is prohibited regardless of whether the hand histories were collected directly from PokerStars, or from third party sources.
      > As a general principle, if you are accessing or compiling information on other players outside your own game play, it is a breach of our Terms of Service, terms which you agreed to when opening your PokerStars account. Those Terms of Service are located here:
      We would like to ask you to provide us with an acknowledgment to our Terms of Service before we can reinstate your account's playing privileges on PokerStars.
      > Please review and accept these Terms of Service by replying to this email with your agreement to the following statement:
      > 1) I have fully read, understood and accept the PokerStars Terms of Service.
      > 2) If I ever breach in whole or in part any provision contained in the PokerStars Terms of Service, I am aware and accept that PokerStars reserves the right to take such action as it sees fit. These may include terminating my agreement to use the Service, immediately blocking access to the Service, permanently terminating my PokerStars account and seizing all monies held in the relevant PokerStars account.
      > This acknowledgement must come in the form of "I agree" within your reply.

      Thats insane cause my friend doesnt even use HM or any software. He has the chat disabled, he never talks to any guy on the table. He lives with me and plays poker for a living. Maybe some stupid fish that lost against him a lot this week has written to Pokerstsras saying that he is cheating. I dont know. My friend doesn´t even speak English. Need some advice. He already answered to PS saying that he never bought hands.

      Need urgent advice guys. thanks.
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    • oArlekino
      Registro: 01-27-2011 Artículos: 10.402
      Hi angresgc67!

      I´ve seen that you did a post in our "ES Forum" in Spanish, so I recommend you to write your questions and doubts in Spanish. It´s better for us and for you because most of us in our community talk and write in Spanish!

      About your friend´s problem, the best in such cases is to re accept the Therms and Conditions again, remember that PokerStars has the right to close that account.

      In second term, if your friend has never broken that rules, he can try to explain his point of view of this situation to the Support:

      But remember to be the most clarify possible with them because PokerStars is so rigid in this kind of cases.

      Kind Regards and good luck,