Del 21 al 30 de mayo Poker va a celebrar una carrera de $10.000 tanto en la red Ongame como en la Boss Media.

¿Cómo puedo participar?

Para participar tan solo necesitas acumular puntos durante la carrera (de las 00:00 GMT del 21 de mayo a las 23:59 GMT del 30 de mayo).

50 jugadores cobrarán al menos $50 y el ganador se llevará a casa $1.600.

Estructura de premios

Puesto Premio
Puesto Premio
1 $1.600 7 -10
2 $1.200 11 - 14
3 $800 15 - 19
4 $650 20 - 30
5 $500 31 - 50
6 $400 Clasificación

Términos y Condiciones

The Promoter of this race is Poker Heaven.

The race will begin at 00:00:00 GMT on Tuesday May 21st 2013 and finish at 23:59:59 GMT on Thursday May 30th 2013.

In order to earn rake towards the leaderboard for the stated race, you must sit down and leave the tables between 00:00:01 on the 21st and 23:59:59 GMT on the 30th.
The Race Leaderboard will update once every 24 hours at approximately 5am GMT.
Players earn 1 Race point on Ongame for every $0.25 contributed in rake.

Players earn 1 Race point on Boss Media for every $0.25 contributed in rake using the € to $ exchange rate as derived from at the point of conversion.

FPPs earned in Cash games, STTs, and MTTs on either room will count towards the leaderboard total.

Should a player earn points on Boss Media & on Ongame, the totals will be combined on the leaderboard.

No account can be used for more than 17 hours a day; and no account can be used from more than 2 IP address and 2 device IDS (Computers).

All winners will receive their allocated prizes as stated in the relevant payout tables which will be credited within 72 hours of the close of this promotion.

All winning accounts are subject to standard Fraud and Security checks to ensure compliance with Promotional and General Network T&Cs.

Any accounts found to be in breach of Fraud or Network rules will be locked and disqualified from the promotions

Poker Managers reserve the right to adjudicate or amend any result as they see fit.
Poker Heaven reserve the right to use customers Nickname and/or first name and last initial for use in reasonable amount of marketing and/or future promotions.

Race rankings will be displayed using Player's first name and the first initial of their last name. If any player does not wish these details to be displayed in the leaderboard, they must contact

Any abuse of the chat facility during the promotion will result in disqualification and account suspension.

Poker Heaven reserve the right to withdraw or alter this promotion at any time or to refuse this offer to any player.

In the event of a service crash or a disruption, the promotion will continue throughout the relevant time period, though in cases of prolonged downtime Poker Heaven reserve the right to change dates or extend the promotion.

Poker Heaven will be the sole arbiter as to whether the promotion will be rerun.
Poker Heaven reserves the right to refuse this offer to any player or to withdraw this / or part of this offer / promotion at any time.

The Promoter cannot be held responsible for any disconnections as per the general rules of the Poker Heaven service.

If the game is disrupted by system or network issues Poker Heaven reserves the right to resolve the issue as it sees fit.

No director, employee, consultant or agent of Poker Heaven or any of its group of companies or its suppliers, vendors or white label partners is eligible to participate in any of the above promotions directly or indirectly, nor is any supplier or vendor. This restriction also applies to relatives of such persons and for this purpose ‘relative’ includes, but is not limited to, any of a spouse, partner, parent, child or sibling.

Account Sharing is not permitted, any violation will result in disqualification from listed Promotion.

En esta promoción se aplican los Términos y Condiciones de Poker y pueden cambiar en cualquier momento.

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