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      Estos son los cambios en la nueva actualización, pero como no se casi nada de ingles no se que provecho le puedo sacar, me fije en varios tutos de como connfigurar el TST pero todavia tengo muchas dudas y estan medio viejos los tutos.. Alguien podria darme una mano para configurar el TST y explicarme? estoy dispuesta a pagar

      1.0.6 (5-14-13)
      Fixed support for Full Tilt Poker's latest update
      Added support for PartyPoker skin:
      Added support for iPoker skins:,
      Added support for Ongame skins: Wintoto, PokerHeaven
      Fixed support for Microgaming skins: Ladbrokes, 32Red Poker
      Fixed support for Winning Poker skin: PIVGame
      Added support for retrieving Winning Poker statistics from Holdem Manager 2

      New Autowaitlist feature: "Exclude filter from Autowaitlist when I have X tables open". Available at Configure > AutoWaitlist > Edit Filter. This allows you to set more dynamic autowaitlist filters, which change as you open more tables
      New Autowaitlist feature: "Automatically leave all waitlists when I have X tables open", at Configure > Autowaitlist
      New option: "Only count open tables at sites I am scanning", at Configure > Settings > Sites > General. This option is on by default and affects the open table counter used by AutoWaitlist and other features
      New feature: Backup and Restore configuration at Help > Backup/Restore

      Slightly improved AutoWaitlist "During Scan" speed on PokerStars
      Improved join waitlist method on iPoker to ensure that TableScan always clicks the join waitlist popup
      TableScan's main window will now maximize when opened if it was maximized when it was closed
      - Fixed "Search for Player" feature of TableScan for Full Tilt Poker
      -Added support for PokerStars in TableScan's "Player Alias" feature, when using the "Only-OCR method"
      -Added support for "Exclude Anonymous" option in Scan filters on iPoker

      -Fixed a bug where the screenname "Unseated highlight" option "Minimum # of Big Blinds required for Unseated highlight" was actually acting as a maximum # of big blinds
      -Fixed a bug where the screenname "Unseated highlight" would show and use data from the first scan where the user was seated, and not the most recent data
      -Fixed a bug where TableScan HUD would not display properly after PartyPoker disconnected for inactivity
      -Fixed a bug where TableScan would not correctly identify open tables after PartyPoker disconnected for inactivity
      -Fixed a bug where TableScan could freeze or cause Full Tilt to crash when the FTP "Find Player (BETA)" window was open
      -Fixed a bug where TableScan would stop scanning on Microgaming after reading a few Anonymous tables with the same name
      -Fixed a bug where the TableScan Lobby Selection window was not working properly when scanning with multiple open PokerStars lobbies
      -Fixed a bug where Fast tables on Merge would not work in the TableScan HUD
      - Fixed a bug where TableScan would not count a player as "Known" if he had the exact number of hands specified in configure > player definitions
      - Fixed a bug where the "Exclude USD" Advanced Scan Filter did not work on 888 poker or PartyPoker
      - Fixed a bug where TableScan could fail to read a table name when seated or waitlisted on PokerStars during "happy hour"
      -Fixed a bug where TableScan could throw an error when the "Configure HUD" window was opened and Winning Poker was selected for scanning
      - Fixed a bug where TableScan would not properly detect open tables on Winning Poker
      -Fixed a bug where TableScan could open off screen
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