HM Cloud Alpha???

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    • carlosmtanco
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      Es un software independiente, es decir, no es que sea una función nueva del HM2 o algo así.

      Digamos que es como un producto nuevo de HM con sus pros y sus contras:

      La base de datos se guarda en la nube, es decir, no te ocupa espacio en disco.

      Es muy ligero y la instalación solamente sirve para el envío de manos del historial a la nube.

      Puedes utilizar un HUD y revisar tus manos después. Y aquí es donde vienen los contras... El HUD y los reports tienen ciertas limitaciones, supongo que tendrás las stats más comunes y no es tan personalizable.

      Además, no es recomendable para BBDD grandes.

      Es muy buena idea, pero solamente útil si tienes varias PC's, ya que con ello tienes tu BBDD igual en todas.

      De momento sólo sirve para pokerstars y mesas de NLHE cash.
    • Hidroem
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      Muchas gracias por la aclaración carlosmtanco, la verdad es que estuve mirando del tema y sólo entendí lo de la nube, pero las limitaciones para Stars y NLHE no las sabía.

      Gracias por el aporte y el soporte.


      Hidro :f_cool:
    • carlosmtanco
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      original de Hidroem
      Muchas gracias por la aclaración carlosmtanco, la verdad es que estuve mirando del tema y sólo entendí lo de la nube, pero las limitaciones para Stars y NLHE no las sabía.

      Gracias por el aporte y el soporte.


      Hidro :f_cool:
      Bueno, por lo que dicen son de momento al ser versión alpha. Pero mas adelanté servirá para todas las salas y modalidades de HM2.

      Yo envié mis datos para probarlo hace un tiempo, pero aún no lo he hecho, recibí éste email: (Los únicos testers pueden ser gente que tenga licencia de HM2)

      Feedback Process

      We are excited about the prospects for this new hosted platform. Feedback, comments, and suggestions are vital to all of our decisions with regard to future HM Cloud development.

      We will occasionally be sending you links to surveys where your feedback and that of other Alpha users can be compiled. However, the feedback we value the most is first hand commentary about your user experience and suggestions. Your feedback should be submitted via

      Alpha Release Limitations

      I would like to provide you with some background on the vision for HM Cloud and contrast that with the current stage of development in the Alpha release.

      ** HM Cloud only supports the Google Chrome browser at this time.

      1. HM Cloud was not designed to be a web based clone of HM2. While we can certainly incorporate selected reports from HM2 into a cloud environment, HM Cloud was envisioned to offer analytic views that are optimized for performance in a cloud environment.

      2. HM Cloud was intentionally designed with ease of use and an intuitive customer experience in mind. To that end, we included very few configuration options and hope to maintain that on future releases and updates. Even though we will strive to keep configuration requirements to a minimum on future releases, we will still offer the user more options with each future release. For example: the Alpha release has a single pre-configured HUD. Future releases will include several other pre-configured HUD's plus the option to import your existing HM2 HUD.

      3. The Alpha release requires hands to be either manually imported or auto-uploaded during a session. Your hands in HM2 and HM Cloud are not automatically synced. Future updates to HM Cloud will keep hands on both platforms in sync.

      4. While final versions of HM Cloud will support very large databases, your database in the Alpha release should be kept to fewer than 50,000 hands.

      5. The Alpha release of HM Cloud has limited stats and only supports Poker Stars cash games*. Future updates to HM Cloud will include more stats and any site/game supported on HM2 will be supported in HM Cloud.

      * For the Alpha release only, DO NOT import any hands other than Poker Stars cash games. You can only import plain text (.txt) files in the initial Alpha release. In later releases you will be able to import .zip files of multiple .txt files. You can drag and drop a folder of text files to the Import page (Cash Hands), but it can NOT contain any Tournament hands.

      6. The Alpha release is a limited representation of what is possible for us to deliver on the HM Cloud platform. We would love to hear your wish list on additional features you would like to see and many of those are probably on our list also, but the feedback that is most helpful now is about the user experience within the existing functionality and features.

      7. For known bugs within the Alpha release, please refer to this thread.

      8. Other questions you have might be addressed in the HM Cloud FAQ.

      9. Do not use the CLEAR DATABASE button unless specifically instructed by Tech Support to do so. Future updates to HM Cloud will include full database maintenance capability for actions such as deleting certain hands, etc., but such is not a feature in HM Cloud Alpha release.

      Getting Started

      Step 1: Download and install the HM Cloud client. Even though you don't have to install a database with HM Cloud and no calculations or queries are executed on your computer, there is a small local client that manages two process that run on your computer: (i) uploading new hands completed during a session to the HM Cloud servers and (ii) receiving and displaying updated HUD stats from the HM Cloud servers.

      Step 2: Log into the HM Cloud Website using your existing email address and password. After a few hands have been imported, select your player name as the active Hero after a few hands have been imported. Select your player name as the active Hero by clicking on the player icon in the header and typing your poker alias name. Designate your local currency using the Settings sub-menu option under your name on the top right.

      Step 3: N/A. There isn't a Step 3. You are ready to go!

      Thanks in advance for your feedback as we look forward to receiving it.


      Jim Varnon
      Hold'em Manager
    • xxarwenxx
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      No estoy seguro, pero imagino que tendrá un coste mensual... Lo que seria otro contra :D

    • dante941
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      muchas gracias carlos me aclaraste las dudas