Cuenta trackeada?

    • Oriolin
      Registro: 01-16-2011 Artículos: 1.945
      Ahora mismo, al entrar en el software de Pokerstars me ha salido el siguiente mensaje:

      Effective today, i hereby consent to Pokerstars disclosing such personal information as is necessary for me to participate in the promotion to allow Pokerstrategy to award my account with pokerstars was activated. I am aware this personal information may include, without limitation, details such as: my name, address, birht date, player Id and FPPs earned. I understand that i can revoke this agreement at any time via e-mail or adjustament in my player account. Pokerstars regular privacy policy shall also apply to provision of personal information to pokerstars.

      He aceptado creyendo que se refieren a que me trackean la cuenta, pero no estoy seguro. A alguien más le ha salido?
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