La Nueva Betfair está añadiendo $20.000 a sus freerolls y torneos con dinero añadido para que tu bankroll en la Nueva Betfair crezca rápidamente.

• 48 freerolls diarios
• 77 torneos semanales de microlímites con dinero añadido
• 11 torneos diarios Bankroll Booster sin rake y con dinero añadido

¿Cómo puedo participar?

Todos los jugadores de Betfair en la red iPoker pueden competir en estos torneos, que se celebrarán cada día a lo largo de febrero.

Los 48 freerolls diarios se juegan cada 30 minutos a partir de las 00:05 GMT.

Aquí puedes ver el calendario para los torneos con dinero añadido. Los encontrarás en la pestaña "Scheduled Tournaments" del lobby de Betfair

Términos y Condiciones

Ten en cuenta que esta promoción solo se aplica a la Nueva Betfair (red iPoker). Aquí encontrarás los detalles de la nueva Betfair Poker.

Can I take part?
Yes, all ‘New Betfair Poker’ account holders can take part.

How do I take part?
Anyone can join the daily freeroll tournaments. Just look for the ‘Bankroll Starter Freerolls’ starting at five-past and thirty-five past the hour every day or look for Bankroll Booster added money tournaments.

When does the promotion take place?
This is an on-going promotion with both the freerolls and added-cash tournaments running each and every day.

What can I win?
The Bankroll Booster added-cash tournaments will feature added-money ranging between $5 and $50 on top of the standard prize pool

When do the tournaments take place?
There are 48 freerolls each day, and 11 added-money tournaments each day. Please see the schedule table above.

When will I get my prize?
All winnings will be paid immediately into your Betfair account.

Is there anything else I need to know?
Prior to withdrawing any Bankroll Booster cash won, you must first complete the Age Verification process.

Betfair Poker reserves the right to modify the terms of this promotion or to discontinue it at any time.

A Betfair account is personal and shall only be used by the person whose details match those registered under the account. Failure to abide by this may result in immediate disqualification from this promotion. Account sharing is strictly prohibited.

All winning accounts are subject to standard Fraud and Security checks to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions stated before any prizes are processed.

No Betfair employees, family members of Betfair employees, or its affiliate companies, their agents or those of their respective group companies may take part in this promotion.

Betfair Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

Si todavía no tienes una cuenta en Betfair, aprovecha nuestro bono por primer depósito y ábrela ahora.