Abro este post por si alguno le sucesio ese problema

Tengo windows vista, uso sng wizard y no puedo encontrar el historial manos de torneos.
Busque en la pagina del programa, en la seleccion de FAQ y me dicen que haga esto

Question: I am running Windows Vista or Windows 7. Where are my hand histories?
Answer By default, Vista does not allow programs to save data under the "Program Files" folder. Most poker sites store there hand histories under the folder where they were install, which is by default under the "Program Files" folder. Since Vista does not allow saving hand histories there, it redirects the hand histories to another folder, which looks like this:

C:\Users\your_account\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\

where your_account is your Windows login name.

If you do not see the AppData folder, it may be hidden. To make hidden folders visible, go to Control Panel on the Windows Start Menu. Select “Appearance and Personalization”. Select “Folder Options”. Select the “View” tab. In Advanced settings, select “Show hidden files and folders”. Select OK.

The Wizard can find the files because when it looks in "Program Files" Vista automatically redirects it to the VirtualStore folder.

So you have 2 options:

Open the hand history files in the VirtualStore folder.
Turn off the Vista security for the poker client. You can do this by right-clicking on the poker client shortcut and selecting Properties. In the second tab, check the box called "Run as Administrator" (I'm writing this from memory so I could be wrong about the exact names). Running the application as an Administrator allows it to write the hand histories into the "Program Files" folder.

Me tranque en aparence and presolaization, no pude encontrarlo.
Se agradece si alguien puede ayudarme.