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Ya se puede usar Elephant en Stars

    • corrunus
      Registro: 09-11-2007 Artículos: 1.613
      Escribi en la mañana a Stars preguntando por que lo habia prohibido.

      Y aqui esta la respuesta:

      PokerStrategy Elephant does not use any information not available to any
      observer of the game, nor does it use any means to automate play or
      assist in cheating (such as sharing hole cards with others).

      Please note also that while some of these programs use dealer chat to
      get their information, others "scrape the screen" - getting their
      information from the actual graphics displayed to the players.
      Therefore, it's impossible to defeat such programs. It would be
      pointless for us to prohibit their use, since we'd have no way of
      knowing that they were being used.

      Therefore, PokerStrategy Elephant and others like it are permitted for use
      on PokerStars. Specifically prohibited are programs that share hole
      cards, or automate the play of the game so that it can run

      You may find our policy on such software in section 4.4 of our terms
      of services at:

      This page links to an explanation of our prohibited programs policy at:

      A partial list of permitted and forbidden programs is available on that page as well. Elephant was mistakenly included on the wrong list, and a web site change is in the works to move it to the permitted column. You may use it immediately, however.

      Good luck in the games, and thank you for playing on PokerStars.

      Best Regards,

      PokerStars Game Security
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