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Retrack de cuentas Fulltilt muy cerca?

    • franciscol
      Registro: 08-19-2007 Artículos: 147
      Hace unos cuantos dias me contacte con el soporte de Fulltilt ya que no sabia de donde habia bajado la sala y si me correspondia algun rakeback. La cosa es que no la baje desde ninguna pagina afiliada por lo tanto no me corresponde ningun rakeback, pero tambien me dijeron que estan buscando una solucion para este tipo de jugadores que no tienen relacion con ningun afiliador. Les dejo el email exacto y espero que Pokerstrategy trate de que esto sea posible.Un saludo

      Hello Francisco,

      Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker.

      Full Tilt does not pay players rakeback directly. There are a number of rakeback affiliates who offer players up to 27% rakeback if they sign up to Full Tilt Poker through their site.

      Please note that this is not an issue which can be solved by opening another account with Full Tilt Poker, it is against our site policy to open more than one account. Though you could cease using your account, we do not remove it from our system, nor do we freeze accounts in order for players to create new ones.

      However, we do value your continued support of Full Tilt Poker, and we are currently looking into organizing something that will help players who are not already attached to an affiliate. We have added your username to our files for further consideration. Please be patient.

      Also, it might please you to know that we now offer support in Spanish. Should you wish to take advantage of this service, all you have to do is write to us in Spanish in the future.

      If there's anything else we can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask.

      Best of luck on the tables!

      Kind Regards
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