HM 2 comprar con Visa pero no me accepta el pago

    • pommmes
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      hola gente tengo un problema con la compra del HM2
      lo pagé con visa pero me sale un mensaje en ingles de que la transacion no se ha hecho asi mas o menus no se bien el ingles hay algien que me puede traducirlo y darme una solucion para mi problema gracias

      esto es el mensaje

      Thanks for your recent purchase at Unfortunately, your payment has been flagged by one of our security filters, please do not attempt to resubmit your purchase. A representative is currently examining your transaction and requires the following to proceed with your purchase:

      Please contact with the physical billing address associated with the credit card used to make this purchase.

      It is possible that your funds have been placed on hold by the card issuing bank, should your transaction be declined it may take between two and four weeks for these funds to be processed and returned. Please note this lag time is due to the card issuing bank and is beyond our control. Please do not reattempt your purchase prior to speaking to one of our sales representatives.

      Should have you have any other problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

      Best Regards,

      Hold’em Manager
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