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      Pace Bonus
      PlatinumStar and Supernova VIPs can get a cash bonus the following month based on how many VPPs they earn in January. It’s your chance to earn big while planning your targets for 2012, as you make your way towards Milestone Cash Credits.

      January Target VPPs Total Bonus February Clearance VPPs Yearly VPP Pace
      8,333 $100 5,000 100,000
      16,667 $200 10,000 200,000
      25,000 $300 15,000 300,000

      By earning a Pace Bonus with your January VPPs, you’ll be on pace to earn Supernova VIP status and possibly even a Milestone Cash Credit! You can calculate what kind of rewards you can expect in 2012 with the VIP Calculator.

      Please Note: The Pace Bonus will be applied to player accounts before 12:00 ET on February 2, 2012. Players will have until 23:59 ET on February 29 to clear the bonus in full.
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