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      Intenté repetidas veces conectar con soporte y preguntar mis problemas (el ticket del torneo que no hay manera que lo manden, que que pasa con el bono de 100$, y que porqué tengo menos puntos de los que debería (o eso dan a entender)).

      Cuando lo logro, ME CIERRAN EL CHAT, sin avisar ni nada. Creo que como usuario poco más puedo hacer, como moderadores que soys de PS creo que a vosotros si que os harán caso. No debería pedirlo, pero no me dejan más opción:( Lo siento. Esta es la imagen de cuando me cierran y abajo lo que les mandé (después de escribir lo mismo 9999 veces me lo guarde).


      I've got a few problems. I'm a member of PokerStrategy and I had ~900 mansion poker points.

      First one: I sent you an email a week ago or so asking for the tournament ticket (400 mansion points). You told me to wait 24h but I still do not have the ticket. Now, when and where I'm going to have this ticket?

      Second problem: I had 900 mansion points and you say that the measurement (talking about points) is 5x. Meaning 1 point before means 5 points now. Why, if I had 900 mansion points, I have only 3200 points now?( plus the points earned today). Shouldn't I have 900 * 5 mansion points?

      The third and the last problem: I was trying to unlock the 100$ bonus (1500 mansion points). I only unlock 45$... When I'm gonna unlock the others 55$? Because now it's different, isn't it? But I joined with the bonus promotion anyway, so it shoudn't change anything.

      I really would appreciate your help. Thank you.

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      Friday, September 26, 2008 12:06:04 AM (9/26/2008 12:06:04 AM - GMT)

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