2 players de 1 misma IP Como hago?

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    • KaiAttack
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      no juegen en las mismas mesas y no tendran problemas.
    • indie4u
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      te dejo la respuesta a un mail que le mandé a stars sobre el mismo tema hace un par de días

      Thank you for your email and giving us the opportunity to assist you.

      We are glad that you have decided to be proactive and inquire of the possibilities of playing in the same tournaments as your brother, which you can but with certain guidelines.

      The reason why two players cannot play together is most often due to both logging-in to PokerStars from the same IP address. This primarily occurs when they play from the same location or household. Our software has a security feature which prevents users who are logged-in from the same location or household, from playing together at the same games.

      This prevents players from gaining information that may compromise the integrity of the game, such as sitting next to each other and looking at each others' cards. Obviously this would be unfair to other players.

      As such, players from the same location or household are not allowed to play at the same ring game table or Sit & Go with 45 players or less. This restriction does not apply to scheduled Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) or 2-player heads-up matches. In MTTs, due to the large numbers of players, friends or relatives are unlikely to be seated next to each other. In heads-up matches, since there are only two players, the only person with whom you can share your cards with, is your opponent... not a good idea.

      Additionally, please note that players from the same location are able to play in the same Home Game ring games and tournaments.

      If you have other questions to be addressed please do not hesitate to contact us again. We hope you have a great day,


      William C.
      PokerStars Support Team