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      Hola, con esta promocion se supone que a partir de los 1000 puntos, te dan un % extra de los siguientes que hagas. Cuando se te suman a la cuenta de pp?, o se supone que he estado ganando más rapido


      Get up to 50% extra points this August - just for retaining your gold status

      Promo starts: Monday, 1 August 2011 00:00 ET
      Promo ends: Wednesday, 31 August 2011 23:59 ET

      Retain your Gold status before one of the dates shown below to get your points boost. You could get up 1,000 extra points on your play for the rest of the month:

      • 10th August = 50% points boost
      • 15th August = 40% points boost
      • 20th August = 30% points boost
      • 25th August = 20% points boost

      Please note:

      Extra points will be applied to all aditional points you earn from when you retain your status until the end of the month - for example:

      You retain your status on 10th August and earn 2,000 aditional points in August (3,000 in total) - you will get a 50% boost on the aditional points which equates to 1,000 free points.

      You've picked up 1203.35 PartyPoints and have won Gold Points Boost.

      Your prize has been added to your account.

      Thank you for taking part in our promotion, we hope you enjoyed it. Come back soon for more fun.
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