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isildur perdio 5M en un dia?

    • streamer74
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      [I]In a new interview with one of Europe's biggest poker magazines, the youngest living poker legend Viktor Blom, from Sweden, speaks out about the day when he lost $5 million to Cole South and Brian Hastings (the biggest loss in his career) and what crossed his mind when it was reveled that South, Hastings and another 3rd player, Brian Townsend, had collaborated and made joint statistics of how he played hands. When Full Tilt found out about cheating they removed Townsend's pro status for 30 days. However, South and Hastings got away with it.

      Viktor Blom about the day when he lost $5 million to Cole South and Brian Hastings.

      "I think that that they tried to create an advantage, and they are cowards. I was playing against Cole South in a 300/600 game and became really tilted and 3-betted every hand. He was in the lead and suddenly decided to stop playing. I said, "what the hell?" and he apologized and said he must go. Then, just seconds later, Brian Hastings took his seat. They probably sat next to each other. Anyhow, Hastings won $4.5 million against me," Viktor Blom says.
      How did it feel to lose 5 million dollars?

      Not good, especially when I found out they had collaborated, but I still felt okay and could do other things in life that I appreciate. After some time had passed I didn't think much about it at all.
      What's your relationship with money? Does money have a value for you?
      It does. But all players have to put their bankroll at risk in order to develop.[/I]

      Basicamente, estaba jugando 300/600, se tildo y empezo a perder con South, el dijo que tenia que irse y minutos despues se sento Brian Hasting, y le pelo 4,5 M LOLLL. Les dice cobardes en la nota. Al parecer habia un tercero tambien, Brian Townsend, 3 contra 1!!

      La frase en negrita resume todo, tenes que poner en riesgo el bank para poder evolucionar..

      No sabia esto o si ya lo postearon antes.
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