Double Points Giveaway - Bronze

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      ¡Bienvenido a nuestra promoción Double Points Giveaway - Bronze!

      Congratulations, you have been selected to participate in a double points giveaway promotion.

      Comienzo de la promoción: martes, 9 agosto 2011 00:00 ET
      Fin de la promoción: martes, 9 agosto 2011 23:59 ET

      The idea is simple; You will earn double points on all your favourite poker games today. Just follow these simple steps to ensure you qualify for this special treat.

      1. Register for the promotion
      2. Earn 10 points on poker

      Once you have earned 10 points on poker, you will start earning double points, up to a maximum of 100 bonus points. These points will be added to your account at the end of the promotion.

      Multiplicador de puntos por un dia? Que cutrada!
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