Algo raro en la compra Table Nunja

    • Chafnake
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      Hola, he comprado hoy el Table Ninja para PS. Al pagar me mandaron este correo:

      Congratulations! You have successfully been added to the Open Request list for an HM2 Beta product code!

      Due to the volume of requests for an HM2 Beta code, we are gradually releasing beta codes on a first come basis.

      We are making additional codes available on a daily basis. Once we reach your position in the queue for an HM2 Beta code, you will be automatically issued a serial key and notified by email.

      You are currently #1269 in the queue for an HM2 Beta code.

      We invite you to learn more about HM2 by exploring our Videos, Forums, and FAQ. If you have any problems or questions regarding HM2 Beta, please feel free to contact us at

      Best Regards,
      Hold’em Manager

      Que viene a decir que no hay códigos de descarga suficientes y que estoy el 1269 en la lista de espera... he comprado antes el HM y el TNFT y nunca me ha pasado esto.

      ¿Le ha pasado a alguien más?
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