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      hola, mande los documento para la cuenta extendida hace 3 dias ( credencial para votar y una fotografia digital ) y hoy me llega un correo con lo sig.

      Dear Irving,

      The ID document you sent has been accepted. No additional ID documents are required at this time.

      Address verification by utility bill

      Please email a clear scanned colour copy or digital photograph of a recent (no more than 90 days) utility bill displaying your name and address. Examples include:

      · Electricity (power) bill

      · Water bill

      · Gas bill

      · Telephone bill – Mobile bills not accepted

      · Cable (TV) or Internet bills

      · Credit card statement

      · Bank statement

      · Statement of account standing for any banking service issued by a major financial institution, including investment, mortgage and insurance

      If you cannot provide one of the above documents meeting all criteria, we can also accept one of the following letters written by your bank or other financial institution. It may be easier to get these documents written for you than to wait for a new monthly statement to arrive:

      · Bank account confirmation letter on bank letterhead with bank stamp and signature

      · Transaction confirmation notification letter

      We are also able to accept any document mailed to you within the past 90 days by local or federal government, any government owned organziation, or the judicial system, including tax documents, court papers of any kind, notification of receipt of government funds, and so forth.

      Document requirements for address verification

      We require you to send in the full page of your bill, displaying all outer edges and corners of the paper. Your name, address, date on the bill and company name and logo must be visible; however, you may block out your personal billing information. We cannot accept images of photocopied documents; they must be an original scan or digital photo of the actual statement or bill

      no manejo muy bien el ingles , asi q copie y me fui al traductor de google :D en el primer parrafo creo entender q los documentos han sido aceptados y no se requieren documentos adicionales , pero luego viene una lista , me piede q envie mas documentos? dice que del agua , electricidad, cable, telefono,etc, el problema es q vivo con mis padres y todo eso esta a nombre de ellos , no tengo tarjeta de credito ni cuenta en el banco, que se puede hacer? ( si esque todavia tengo q mandar mas documentos)
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