he visto el video tutorial de danport y lo he hecho igual pero me da el siguiente error y mi ingles es regular.
he puesto la mano tambien por si hay que quitar o poner algo del texto original.

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Everest Poker � Hand Details
Hand ID: 3603782229
Table ID: -113430269
Play Mode: Real Money
Table Name: Malabo-1
Game Type: Hold'em
Blinds: $0.15/$0.25
Stakes: $0.25/$0.25
Currency: USD
Starting Date: 2008-08-20 GMT
Starting Time: 10:04:09 GMT

Seating Arrangement:

Gaulois9 is at seat 1 with $13.50.
javia75 is at seat 2 with $4.60.
Tuber is at seat 3 with $9.20.
Omega20 is at seat 4 with $8.95.
schomerj is at seat 5 with $15.90.
hempy is at seat 6 with $39.55.
thebutch69 is at seat 7 with $23.85.
lolita.13014 is at seat 8 with $46.95.
couillonade is at seat 9 with $25.00.
R_man is at seat 10 with $20.75.

Post Blinds:

The button is at seat 4.
schomerj posts the small blind of $0.15.
hempy posts the big blind of $0.25.

Deal Pocket Cards:

Gaulois9: -- --
javia75: Ah Ad
Tuber: -- --
Omega20: -- --
schomerj: -- --
hempy: -- --
thebutch69: -- --
lolita.13014: -- --
couillonade: -- --
R_man: -- --

thebutch69 folds.
lolita.13014 calls $0.25.
couillonade folds.
R_man folds.
Gaulois9 calls $0.25.
javia75 raises $1.50.
Tuber calls $1.50.
Omega20 folds.
schomerj folds.
hempy folds.
lolita.13014 calls $1.25.
Gaulois9 calls $1.25.

Flop (2d 8s Kd):
lolita.13014 checks.
Gaulois9 checks.
javia75 raises $3.10.
Tuber folds.
lolita.13014 calls $3.10.
Gaulois9 folds.

Turn (2d 8s Kd 5h 2s):

javia75 shows Ah Ad.
javia75 has 2d 2s Kd Ah Ad: Two Pair
lolita.13014 shows Qd Kc.
lolita.13014 has 2d 2s Qd Kc Kd: Two Pair

Pot Summary:
Total Pot: $12.60
javia75 wins $12.00.
House Rake: $0.60