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Patrocinio @ Supernova Pokerstars !

    • DraKK88
      Registro: 10-01-2010 Artículos: 54
      He leído y aceptado las reglas de patrocinio. Al responder en este hilo, el resto de miembros reconoce lo mismo.

      Hola !
      My name is Alex and I am 25 years old.I play Poker with stake since 2 years, i have very good results on the Romanian + German Forum from stake but there are very few stakers and i want to play for Spanish Stakers.I have good profit from poker but now i had a problem and must cash out all my money from any pokerrom and that's why i will play staked.I will post every day btw. 5-10 MTT's on pokerstars and you can choose one or all to stake me.Good luck for my and for my stakers !!!

      :heart: FullTilt Poker Stats

      :heart: PokerStars Stats

      :club: 5-10 MTT's / Day
      :club: 80 % - 20 % for the staker (+StakeBack)
      :club: Supernova Player on Pokerstars
      :club: Good player with over $20K Profit from Poker
      Once i have a staking deal i will post every important hand in the tournament!

      :spade: 17:45EET -> $27.50 NL Hold'em [4-Max, 500 Cap, $4K Guaranteed] (Reserved on Romanian Forum)
      :spade: 19:00EET -> The Big $22 [NLHE, $25K Guaranteed]
      :spade: 21:00EET -> The Big $11 [NLHE, $50K Guaranteed]
      :spade: 22:00EET -> $5.50 NL Nold'em [Turbo, $20K Guaranteed]
      :spade: 22:30EET -> $11 NL Hold'em [$20K Guaranteed]

      Please write here wich tournamet would you like to reserve and send the money to : alexinc18™ (also post here your username on Pokerstars).
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    • kennyco
      Registro: 10-16-2007 Artículos: 33
      a couple things:

      1st. You should translate into spanish, since this is the spanish speaking community after all, you may be violating some rules and losing potential stakers.

      2nd. if i understand correctly, you are putting no money in and asking for 80% of the winnings, imo its not a very good deal, even if you are clearly a good player.

      3. You forgot to create your feedback forum.