FTP Academy. Sizing up opponents

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      Hace días que tengo activado el desafío "Sizing up opponents" de Jennifer Harman pero la task 5 se me resiste:
      Play 4 sessions of NLHE that are 6-handed or greater. In each session win 5 pots. Your net profit in each of the hands must be at least 8 big blinds.

      Gano mil botes de 8bb o más cada día pero solo me marca un 25% completado. Leo y releo los detalles pero no encuentro donde fallo:

      Task details

      Must be no-limit Hold 'em cash games. Games must allow for 6 or more players.
      Qualifying hands must have at least 4 active players (players who are dealt cards at the start of the hand).
      "Session" is defined as from the time you sit into a single table until the time you get up from that table.
      Within a session, you must win 5 pots where your net profit in each is at least 8 big blinds.
      Must repeat the above in four sessions.

      Alguna idea?
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