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acabo de recibir un mail de pokertracker...

    • Emmasocial
      Registro: 08-21-2007 Artículos: 12
      esto es lo que dice:

      Thank you for registering Poker Tracker through

      To complete the process, please send me your product ID, located on the
      Help/About Poker Tracker window, so that I can generate a registration
      code for you. If you have not yet downloaded and installed the
      program, please do so now. Here is a link to the download page:

      PLEASE NOTE: If you reply to me from a different email address than
      PokerStrategy has on file for you then I need to know what address you
      have registered with them. That is the only way I can verify your order.

      THIS LICENSE IS NOT FOR RESALE!!! If you want to give your license to
      someone else that is fine but you are not entitled to sell it. If you
      are giving your license to someone I need to know BEFORE you are sent a
      reg. code. If you are sent a reg. code and then tell me it's too late.

      ATTENTION WINDOWS VISTA USERS: Please make sure you have followed the
      Vista directions provided on the download page linked above. Make sure
      that the product ID remains the same every time you open and close the
      program before sending it to us.

      Pat Isaac

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      Check out PokerAce HUD - this program displays the stats from your
      Poker Tracker database directly on the poker client window as you play -
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      un amigo hace tiempo me regalo un key para el pokertracker osea lo que yo quiero es el pokeracehud .... este tambien te lo da la pagina de pokertracker al responder este mail ?
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