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Gabriel otra pregunta

    • luiramos
      Registro: 08-23-2007 Artículos: 256
      Gabriel: Abajo te dejo una conversacion que acabo de tener con una persona de atencion al cliente porque me di cuenta que mi cuenta estaba en Euros y para mi es mejor tenerla en $ para no hacer tantas conversiones de monedas, como puedo cambiar el nombre del usuario que habia ingresado anteriormente en el campo de Titan aqui en pokerstrategy

      Natalie: Hi there! This is Natalie from Online Support. Thank you for making a real money account in Titan Poker! It's nice to have you here.:)
      Natalie: How are you doing today, Luis?

      luiramos2222: Fine Thanks
      luiramos2222: I have one question
      luiramos2222: hello
      Natalie: That's nice to know. You're welcome.
      Natalie: What is it?
      luiramos2222: Look I have dollars in my neteller card
      luiramos2222: And here ask me for EU on the deposit menu
      luiramos2222: And the bets are in $ I have seen in some tables It is not make sense to me
      luiramos2222: Could I deposit in dollars
      Natalie: Yes, you may but it's okay to stay in Euros as well.
      Natalie: Just to keep you informed, the standard currency on tables is in USD, if you have other currency it will be automatically converted when you leave the table depending on the prevailing rate of the day.
      Natalie: Let me just remind you that this is what will happen if you will change your currency.
      Natalie: If you will have a currency change, you will get a whole new account with a new username and a new password with us.
      luiramos2222: You are telling me that if I want my account in dollar I need to make a new one
      Natalie: No, we'llmake a new one for you.
      Natalie: Poker nickname will be carried over to the new account, as well as other information registered from the original account such as credit card details. However, the points you earned, tokens, VIP level, and pending bonuses will not be carried over to your new account.
      Natalie: Luis, anything you deposit will be in Euros.
      Natalie: I can help you with the conversion.
      Natalie: Again, the standard currency on tables is in USD, if you have other currency it will be automatically converted when you leave the table depending on the prevailing rate of the day
      luiramos2222: No Natalie please I need my account in dollars and I am a new user that I am using a code for pokerstrategy if you can not convert my account in $ and keep my bonus with pokerstrategy, then I better open an account with another of the affiliates sites
      Natalie: Alright.
      Natalie: Will I change it now to USD?
      luiramos2222: Yes please
      Natalie: Please give me 2-5 minutes as I forward your concern. Please stay online.
      Natalie: Thank you for waiting.
      Natalie: Here's your new user name: TTR86043712
      Natalie: Please check your e-mail for your new password.
      Natalie: Please logout and log back in again using your new user name and password.
      luiramos2222: Thank you very mucho for your help, So I can deposit and take advantage of the bonus that pokerstrategy offers me in this site 200% up to $600 and a summer promotion for august Am I right?
      Natalie: We are using the Summer Time Bonus.
      Natalie: All details are listed at
      Natalie: We are issuing bonuses on a weekly basis as per the details on the PokerStrategy website.
      luiramos2222: thanks very much for your patience
      Natalie: You're welcome.
      Natalie: No problem.
      Natalie: Is there anything else I can help you with?
      luiramos2222: No thanks
      Natalie: You're welcome.
      Natalie: Want more Poker Action? You can get a lot from our Cash Tables. Join now!;)
      Natalie: If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me through the Online Support icon.
      Natalie: Talk to you later!
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