Muestra gratuita del nuevo libro "Dont listen to Phil H." ofrecida por el propio Dusty Schmidt

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      Me llegó al correo esta mañana.. Directamente del autor, esta muestra gratuita en pdf del libro.. me gustaria compartirla con vosotros para que la leamos todos y puedamos dar nuestras opiniones acerca de este llamativo libro. =)

      Dear Reader,

      Thanks very much for your interest in Dusty's new book, "Don't Listen To Phil Hellmuth: Correcting The 50 Worst Pieces of Poker Advice You've Every Heard." You'll find the sample attached. This book has been a year in the making — in fact, what you're about to read represents only about 5 percent of the book's content.

      {One important note: The sample you're about to read does not represent the book's actual design. The real book is actually quite beautiful! This sample is purposely a bit crude so as to distinguish it from the actual e-book.}

      We'd also like to give you a coupon code that will enable you to get 10% off all purchases, including this book, on The code is JANUARY, and it will be active through Friday, Jan. 28. As you order the book, just enter the code in the field marked "Coupon Code."

      To order the book, please go to

      Many thanks!


      No olviden opinar luego que les parece.
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