bueno parece que full tilt sigue mejorando y ahora ofrece multiplicadores de ftp para grandes cantidades.. avg de 1500 ftp para multiplicador x 3 y avg de 3000 ftp para multiplicador x 4. creo que es una gran mejora ya que ahora los jugadores de mid stakes podrán acceder fácilmente a los bonos de la blackard.

aqui os dejo parte del email que he recibido:

Extra Full Tilt Points Multipliers...
You can now earn additional points multipliers by maintaining a high rolling average - the higher your rolling average, the more points you earn. Achieve a 1,500-point rolling average to earn a 3x Full Tilt Point multiplier, or a 3,000-point rolling average to earn a 4x Full Tilt Point multiplier.

Learn more about Extra Full Tilt Points Multipliers.

Carte Blanche...
With extra multipliers comes the freedom to choose your own Full Tilt Points purchase. Reach a minimum 1,500-point rolling average to avail of our new Carte Blanche service, which provides a virtual ‘blank check’ that allows you to purchase items not listed in the Black Card Store. Feel free to use Carte Blanche for personal purchases such as merchandise, gift certificates and travel.
We will begin accepting Carte Blanche requests on February 1st, 2011.