The active database does not contain a populated cache.
Updating the cache will result in the Hud operating much faster and smoother.
Please go to the database housekeeping to update the cache.

eso me tira al inicio, cuando le doy en housekeeping me tira esto

Unable to prepare query: INSERT INTO holdem_cache SELECT holdem_hand_player_statistics.id_player, holdem_hand_player_statistics.id_limit, holdem_hand_summary.cnt_players, (count(holdem_hand_player_statistics.id_hand)),
(sum((case when(holdem_hand_player_statistics.flg_vpip) then 1 else 0 end))),
(sum( (case when(holdem_hand_player_statistics.flg_blind_b OR holdem_hand_player_statistics.flg_blind_s OR holdem_hand_player_statistics.flg_blind_db

sigue bastante asi

GROUP BY holdem_hand_player_statistics.id_player, holdem_hand_player_statistics.id_limit, holdem_hand_summary.cnt_players; Reason: Fatal Error (ERROR: missing FROM-clause entry in subquery for table "lookup_actions_p" LINE 186: (sum((case when(substring(lookup_actions_p.action from 1 for... ^ )

y termina con eso, la verdad que no se que hacer, si reinstalar o que, igual asi me parece que funciona, pero hay algunas cosas que cambio.