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Poker Stars Midnight Theme Black&Grey 2.0

    • lastmakc
      Registro: 04-20-2010 Artículos: 2.521

      This theme is intended for beginners and multitable players, who prefers not beauty, but simplicity. Maximum place for HUD and minimum bells and whistles.
      Theme works with Holdem's and Omaha's Heads-up, 6-max, 9-max and 10-max tables.
      Theme's price not high and available for any player.

      In the first week theme's price will be 10$, and then I will raise her to 15$!

      Attention! If you use TableNinja, you need to install patch!

      All changes:
      1.Now small cards are inheres under nick's and stack's boxes. Decks is increased.
      2.Your hole cards are inheres under nick's and stack's boxesa and do not overlay rest elements of the table.
      3.POT is lifted and attached to edge of the table
      4.Replaced all buttins, chips, slider, decks, table, background etc.
      5.New button: table options. New view of the button "view lobby".
      6."Your chips' is under the functional buttons.
      7.Text hisory, check-boxes fold any bet, call any, bet/call, rake are taked away.
      8.Table is taked away.
      9.Table, board, player's frames are displaced.
      10.Buttons fold/check/raise are Reduced.
      11.All check-boxes are increased.
      12.New sound "End of the move".
      13.New chips and buttons.
      14.New fonts.
      15.Player's frames are increased.
      16.Font sizes of the buttons bet/call/check/fold are reduced.
      17.New slider and slider's buttons (increased).
      18.New time line.
      19.New time-bank.
      20.Original chat's type.
      21.The enormous amount of other small changes.

      Black version:

      Grey version:

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