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El cielo está enladrillado....

  • 2 respuestas
    • kidacao
      Registro: 07-27-2007 Artículos: 5.413
      thats a "tongue-twister" , not sure if thats the right word :P .. it means that its a sentence hard to pronnounce, kind of a joke.

      i dont think theres an exact translation for this one because there are some made up words, but it goes something like this:

      "The sky is bricked
      who will unbrick it?
      the unbricker that unbricks it
      a great unbricker he must be"

    • GuidoCig
      Registro: 02-16-2009 Artículos: 934
      is a game of words, such as the one of "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" lol...

      Well, the one you had post, would be something as Kidacao said, but the problem is that "ENLADRILLADOR" is a word invented, would be a worker that put the bricks together.. LADRILLO=BRICK... so, ENLADRILLADOR = BRICKER?? :P