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Actualización pokerstars 13/10

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    • mati3473
      Registro: 11-25-2008 Artículos: 4.269
      It's a new month, so it must mean there are more PokerStars software updates on the way. As always, the smart guys with the computers have figured out more ways to make PokerStars better. We've learned this morning that PokerStars will be releasing a new client update over the next few days. This release will have a number of new features and changes that could prove interesting. We're told these features will be visible once players update their software. So, what's in this release? Changes to normal-speed ring game tables PokerStars has reduced the time it takes for the card dealing animation, pushing the pot to the winner, and the pause between hands. These timings will now be exactly the same as on fast tables. The behavior for posting blinds/antes on normal-speed tables will also be made the same as on fast tables. The remaining differences between normal-speed and fast tables will stay the same. Filter improvements PokerStars is making several changes to the filters: # A "Cap" checkbox has been added to the "Buy-In" section of Ring Game Filters; Cap checkboxes no longer appear in the "Stakes" section. # A "Limit" group has been added to the Hold'em Ring Game Filter. # A "Speed" section has been added to all Tournament Filters, including the Sit & Go Filter. The "Turbo" checkbox has been moved there as a result. # Several checkboxes have been added to the "Format / Variant" section: "Shooutout", "Satellite" and "Sit & Go" checkboxes have been added to the Tournament/Event Filter. "Double or Nothing", "Satellite", "Steps" and "Shootout" checkboxes have been added to the Sit & Go filter. Change of default table theme The people have spoken, and PokerStars' default table theme has been switched from 'Classic' to 'Black'. Players who currently use the Classic theme will be asked if they wish to switch themes. The Classic Theme will still be available under 'View' > 'Table Themes...'. Triple Stud improvements The update makes Triple Stud more visible by mirroring the lobby tab in Mixed Games under the Stud heading. The same games appear in both lobbies. Also, if you have the rights, it's now possible to create Triple Stud tournaments through the Private Tournaments request. No more Average Stack column for Fixed Limit ring games PokerStars has removed the Average Stack column for game tabs that only offer fixed limit ring games. Multi-currency options available in cashier You will now be able to access the Multi-Currency Options directly from a link in the Cashier rather than going through the Options menu. Fixed highlight bet amount bug In the past, when "Highlight bet amount" was enabled in the Advanced Multi-Table Options menu, and a table re-gained focus, any previously manually-entered amount got deleted. This issue has been resolved. Fixed cashier bug The Cashier will no longer open in random locations, the last used position is remembered instead.

      Mejor si lo leen aca
    • jimmy08
      Registro: 01-04-2009 Artículos: 2.602
      o aquí
    • Matiazf
      Registro: 10-11-2008 Artículos: 4.236
      Gracias! ^^
    • guidosuller
      Registro: 09-26-2008 Artículos: 11.783
      lo del cashier ya estaba rompiendo las pelotas...

      lo de mas filtros me gusta..

      lo de "acelerar" un poco las mesas de velocidad normal tambien..
    • gadalfxxx
      Registro: 01-03-2010 Artículos: 384
      A mi me gusta la opcion que te da full tilt de buscar mesas por ti. Me parece que pokerstars aun no la tiene o quizas soy yo el que aun no la encuentra :D
    • Jabubi
      Registro: 05-18-2009 Artículos: 1.126
      Cuando van a hacer el cajero en tiempo real y que no tarde tanto en abrir, en FT se abre el cajero rapidisimo y el balance se actualiza al toque.
    • Jabubi
      Registro: 05-18-2009 Artículos: 1.126
      El black no me soporta table ninja asi que decidi modificar el classic