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Poker Real Money en iPhone / iPod Touch

      Registro: 04-04-2008 Artículos: 1.856
      A ver... me ha llegado a mi correo un mail con info de una sala (supongo que no puedo poner el link aqui) luego voy a ver un texto *** editado por JESUS... =) =)

      pero no lo veo en ningun otro lado mas...

      Alguien ha escuchado de esta sala??


      iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Poker Launched

      Switch Poker for iPhone and more

      Introducing Switch Poker - only place in the world to play real money poker on your iPhone, iPad or iPod
      As a customer of Hand HQ I realise you are a dedicated poker player who makes use of Holdem Manager / Poker Tracker and love playing with your HUD. I can't dispute the power of this setup (along with out datamined hands of course!)

      All the sites where you can use tracking software are full of sharks who also buy millions of datamined hands on you and the fish you are trying to isolate.

      Play real money poker on your iPhone, iPod & iPadSwitch Poker for iPhone and more

      Wouldn't it be nice for a change of pace to have a quick game against generally bad players who don't even know what Poker Tracker is, let alone have a HUD running and tracking your every move? Here is your chance to play on a site where tracking tools cannot be and used most of the players are using iPhones and are not what you would describe as 'competent' poker players.

      Switch Poker gives you the option to play wherever you are on your iPhone/iPad/iPod and take money from the fish whenever you like.

      A good friend of mine was involved in the creation of Switch Poker, and I vouch for security of the site and the safety of your funds.

      You may notice that all the links in this email are not my affiliate links. I am not benefiting financially by emailing you. I believe that it's a great new site to try out, and given the less than capable type of player that you'll find there, I'm sure you'll find it highly profitable.

      Along as playing with Apple mobile devices, you can also play with any modern browser. No download required.
      There is a surprise goodie in store for a random 50 of the first 500 depositors of €20 or more. I know what it is, and it is GOOD. I would make a deposit now purely to be in with a chance of winning.

      Click here and head over to Switch Poker now to deposit .

      Oh, and don't forget to update your database with fresh hands from Hand HQ :)
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