los que juegan en cake lean !!!! esto ..

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      Dear Player,

      Due to some recent changes within the industry and some resulting inquiries into our support department we wanted to distribute our Rakeback policy to all players to ensure understanding and transparency. Rake is calculated using the Dealt method which attributes rake to each player dealt into a hand as opposed to the Contributed method which only attributes rake to players who put money in to the pot.

      Rakeback is earned at a rate of 33% and is paid into player accounts weekly
      FPP’s for Rakeback players are accumulated at half the rate of Non-Rakeback players
      No deductions (deposit bonuses or fees) are charged when calculating player’s weekly Rakeback
      Rakeback is also paid on all tournament and SnG fees
      If you require any further assistance or clarification of Dealt vs Contributed Rakeback please do not hesitate to contact us at support@cakepoker.com.


      Cake Poker Support

      esto me llego al mail .. o sea no puede deducir bien pero medio que nos van a empezar a cagar con el rake puede ser ?
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