Virus En Cake?

    • Gorryking32
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      Hola, esta tarde al actualizar la version Beta del Software me ha saltado el antivirus, tengo el AVAST, me preocupo o no?

      Eso es lo que me salto en el antivirus.

      Como siempre y gracias al excelente trato con el cliente, la respuesta ya esta aqui...
      Thank you for your email. Whenever you download the Poker application it is always important to ensure that you add the Poker application as an exception or Trusted application to your Firewall or other Security Software. In most cases you will be prompted to do this by the software itself, however you may be required to manually make the adjustments. I would also ask you to note that when you download an upgrade of the Poker application, your Firewall/Security Software may treat the updated Poker application as a completely new piece of software, and so you may have to perform the above steps with each software upgrade. Thanks in advance for your patience in this matter. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Kind Regards, Maria

      CakePoker Support.

      Que viene a decir que el Antivirus falla al ser una nueva "aplicacion"...
      Vamos, que da error falso.
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