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Neteller - No ATM Fee 8/7 - 11/7

    • guidosuller
      Registro: 09-26-2008 Artículos: 11.783
      A quien le interese ahorrarse los $23 pesitos..o aprovechar y no sacar tanta guita junta..

      Don’t pay ATM fees with the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard®

      You've been telling us for months and months that you love the Net+ card, but you want a break on ATM fees. We're not one of those companies that doesn't listen to its customers, so we've decided to give you exactly what you want.
      No ATM fees between 8 – 11 July*

      We'll be footing the bill on all your ATM withdrawals between 8 – 11 July, so whether you're withdrawing your football winnings or cashing out on your latest poker game, you won't need to worry about the ATM fee because we'll be refunding it by 30 July.** Make sure you register for XFan to get your refund.

      Will you be cashing out your winnings between 8 – 11 July?

      *FX fees still apply where applicable.
      **ATM fees will be charged at the time of withdrawal and will be refunded to your NETELLER account by 30 July.
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