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Actualización de FTP

    • Omrell
      Registro: 10-26-2009 Artículos: 3.422
      Hola, esto es lo que trae la actualización de hoy, y por norma cada vez que hay una actualización contestan algunas preguntas de usuarios. (Info extraida de un foro de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme)

      In today's update:

      A. Mini View: As promised, we've been working on a smaller version of Standard View. Mini View is the same size as Classic View, so those of you with smaller resolutions (like on a netbook) will no longer be stuck with Classic View. Actually, nobody will be stuck with Classic View, because it's no longer an option. Unfortunately, it was just too difficult to develop and maintain all of our new features in Classic View. Apologies to those of you who didn't want to switch lobbies, hopefully the powerful features available in Standard/Mini View soften the blow.

      B. Ring Game Table Finder: There are lots of cool things here. At the most basic level, it's another form of waiting lists. You can still join an individual table's waiting list, but if you just want to be seated quickly you can also find the first table of that type that becomes available. If enough people want to find that table type, it will even create a new table for you (think "interest lists" in a brick and mortar poker room).

      At a more advanced level, through Favorites, you'll be able to join the games you want to play faster than ever. Just create a Favorite that matches the ring game you want to play exactly, click the new magnifying glass icon next to the Favorite's name, and join the list(s).

      Either way, when you're on a waiting list (or multiple waiting lists), you'll be able to keep track of all of the tables you're waiting for through "Requests->View My Waiting Lists..." (or just hit Ctrl+W).

      The waiting list summons dialog has been improved, too. It now lists pretty much everything you'd want to know about the table before you decide whether or not you want to sit down, like the list of players there and the various table stats. So no more hunting through the lobby to make sure you still want to sit at the table.

      One thing you'll notice is missing now is the Wait column in the main lobby. All of these waiting list changes made the lists far more complicated, since people are joining and leaving the "global" lists so often, the data is changing too quickly to efficiently display that column for all of the tables at the same time. Hopefully you won't miss that column too much, and in fact there are a few advantages to not showing that number. ("Oh, 7 people on the waitlist for that table? Must be a huge fish there, everyone swarm!")

      If, for whatever reason, you don't want any of this new stuff, you can just check the "Always Join Individual Waiting List" option and waiting lists will work just like they used to.

      There's a lot to this (although hopefully it's all pretty intuitive), so check out all the details here:

      C. SNG Registration Improvements: We didn't want to make all those improvements to finding a ring game without improving your ability to join SNGs at the same time. So now if you have the "Auto-open Tournament Lobbies" option unchecked and you click the "Register Now" button for a SNG in the main lobby, the tournament lobby will no longer open and you'll just be presented with the buyin dialog.

      And then, in that Buy-In dialog, you'll have the option to check a box at the bottom called "Register for another Sit & Go of this type". When checked, you will be presented with another Buy-In dialog for the same type of SNG after you buy into the first one. There's a counter in the top right corner of this dialog telling you how many SNGs you're currently registered for and playing, so you can just keep clicking the buy-in until you're in as many as you want to be in.

      D. SNG Player List Widget: This works just like the ring game version. Click on a single table SNG from the main lobby and see the list of players currently registered or playing. You can even take notes from there! Go to the Customize dialog in Standard or Mini View to add this widget.

      E. Badges: They might not be your thing, but lots of people like them. Four different badges right now, likely more to come eventually. You can turn them off through Options->Badge Display Options... (or through the Table Options). From there you can turn them off for you, for others (if you want to, uh, hide the fact that you play Rush Poker), or just disable the links. Collect all 4 and they turn *slightly* brighter!

      F. Random Ordering of Heads-Up Tables: Or, more precisely, random ordering of all like-tables with only 1 player seated. So this also works for 6-max and full ring tables. Basically, everyone will see a different order of tables with only 1 player instead of the former alphabetical ordering, so no table is any "better" than another (no more fighting for the tables that start with the letter "A").

      G. Automatic Crash Reporting: If your game crashes, you will now be presented with a dialog to send a log of the crash to us so we can figure out what went wrong and fix it. Please err on the side of sending it, since we want as much data as possible to try to sort through any remaining crash problems we have. If you have time to describe what you were doing at the time, please include that as well.

      H. This is Big: Well, bigger. The little green light in Standard/Mini View when your Advanced Filters are enabled is bigger now.

      I. She Will Flip Out: And cut your head off.


      1. Feature Request: Flop/Turn River Buttons in HH Replayer

      - We have some improvements planned for the replayer. I don't know if this feature will make the cut, but it has a fighting chance.

      2. Can you add full table $0.10/$0.25 NL Omaha H/L to Rush Poker?

      - I don't think the player base is there to support it, unfortunately.

      3. I believe that if there's an overlay you will still get a rakeback hit (so you don't get one when buying the ticket [in the Iron Man Store] but can get hit with one by the tournament itself). Doug, can you please confirm/deny?

      - I can confirm.

      4. "Short Handed Happy Hour" would be great if this could come back

      - Agreed!

      5. it's a little disappointing that [...] the rewards program [...] is a picture of a kitten in a frog hat.

      - If I had a nickel for every time someone said that to me...

      I'd love to give more information here, but I can't. Things are progressing, though.

      6. Could we get a schedule (even one that is subject to change without notice) of future step 7's?

      - For now we've got them in as Winner's Choice steps. We don't have a set schedule for when that will change, but there are definitely plans to offer more packages as the end Step. There aren't any plans to make the last Step a cash step, however. There's always the 2-day FTOPS Event, though! (And by always I mean 4 times a year.)

      7. could you make a 60/120 limit for LHE. there is very limited action at 100/200, so maybe a limit a little bit above 50/100 could attract some more high stakes LHE play?

      - I can't imagine it's going to make a difference, but as a test I've added a couple tables and we'll see what happens.

      8. 400NL Rush Poker When?

      - Not any time soon.

      9. Why not?

      - The player base isn't really there at the moment. If it grows a whole lot, then we'll reconsider for sure.

      10. thoughts on a $216 rush turbo nlhe tournament that starts daily as 13:00 EST (same time as the 75 6max) with a 25k guarantee during the week and a 100k guarantee on sundays?

      - I think it sounds interesting. We're likely going to add a few new Rush tournaments after Rush Week is over, and I'll keep this in mind when we do.

      11. Any chance of adding "hands since bb" tracking, as I think was buried in one of the other threads?

      - There's a chance, but there's also about a hundred features ahead of that one, so it wouldn't be any time soon.

      12. Omaha steps pretty please?

      - I kept meaning to get to this, sorry. They're in now.

      13. any plans to stop ratholing at Rush?

      - No, but that's why the min buyin is higher for Rush than normal ring game tables. It's fairly impossible to stop ratholing *and* let people play more than one table of the same Rush game. For example, how do you prevent someone from doubling up, then starting at a new table for the min, and then closing the table they just doubled up on? And "don't let them start a new table for the min" isn't a good answer.

      14. is there any chance of there being more SuperStack tournies added, around the $26-$55 level??

      - Yep, decent chance.

      15. PLEASE do not do away with classic view.

      - Sorry! Standard/Mini is so much more powerful, though.

      16. I hate Italics. I have permanent double vision that makes italics a nightmare. Can we switch the italics off in the XML file or is this something only FTP can do?

      - You can switch it off in the XML file, yes.

      17. +1 to all the good ideas

      - +2

      18. Ironman-half-year-bonus: Get it fair: Why only twice a year? Release the bonus right in the next month.

      - I'd argue that it is fair. The mid-year/end-of-year bonuses reward longer term dedication. If you got the bonus every month you'd lose the extra incentive to string together 6 months of being in the promotion. This is very unlikely to change, sorry.

      19. Suggestion for HU-Shootout-MTTs: Please make it possible that players who clicked a "I am ready"-button after a won game can play against players which clicked this button, too immediately... Without waiting for all other tables such a long time.

      - It's a good suggestion, but it's actually pretty difficult to do properly and we have a lot of higher priority features in the pipeline. We may get to it eventually, though. (It's called "Shootouts Phase 2" in our feature list, by the way. Unfortunately, Phase 2's are notoriously difficult to get developed.)

      20. Can we please use step 5 tickets ($200+16) on super turbo tables which charge less rake ($200+7)?

      - Yep, changed the Super Turbo to be $209+$7 instead. Also changed the regular turbo to $202+$14, so now all three speeds can use Step 5 tickets.

      21. Make the "Fold to any bet" check box in the middle "Quick Fold to any bet" on Rush tables instead. Not a big deal, but it would save a few seconds occasionally.

      - Sounds reasonable. Probably won't be for a while, but I'll definitely put it on the list.

      22. The tooltip text when you have note on a player disappear after 2 seconds, just make it like pokerstars, it doesn't disappear until you move your mouse.

      - I think it already does work like that. I just tested it (on Windows XP) and it didn't disappear until I moved the mouse.

      23. When taking note and another table steal the focus this is really annoying, the "note taking" should NEVER lose focus.

      - The table doesn't actually steal focus, it just comes to the top. If you keep typing you'll still be typing in the note box. If you're suggesting the note box should always be on top, that's something else and we'd consider it if there were a lot of requests for that behavior.

      24. Are there any step 6 sats for 2k packages in the works?

      - Not at the moment, but if we had any good $2K packages we'd certainly add them.

      25. You've got an "IronDay" for 30 medals which credits a 200 point day. Any chance you guys could have a "BronzeDay" in the store that credits a 50 point day for something like 8 medals?

      - No plans for this, but it's not out of the question.

      26. Now how about showing tables you're wait listed for in a different way. A nice simple way would be to just italicize the table name.

      - This was really supposed to make it into today's release with all of the other waiting list changes, but sadly didn't. It's coming, I swear.

      27. 4 max any time soon?

      - Nope, not any time soon.

      28. The pop-up window on the Iron Man page explaining the widget needs to go.

      - This was a bug (it was only supposed to pop up once). Sorry about that.

      29. when is the auto addon button coming

      - I'm not sure, but it is coming.

      30. Is it possible to let us select the quantity when purchasing tournament tickets in the Iron Man store? It doesn't make sense that we can do this with points, but have to buy them one at a time with tokens

      - Yeah, that's kind of annoying. I'll ask the web guys what it would take, but unfortunately they're pretty slammed and it's a pretty low priority request.

      31. Also reduce the time before the tournament starts without clicking "I'm ready". I'm sure right now it is at something like a minute! Basically twice as long as I'm in the tournament itself...

      - Super Turbos SNGs should start in 15 or 30 seconds. Let me know if there are still any out there that take the full minute.

      32. if you could please allow me to click the "I'm ready" button automatically and allow for one-click registration in SNGs (so I don't have to confirm I want to buy in with cash), that would eliminate my need to run TableNinja which would be cool.

      - Let me know what you think of the SNG registration improvements. It's not quite "1-click" for the first one (since you still have to confirm which currency you want to buy in with) but if you register for multiple at a time it's just one click for each of the next however many you enter.

      33. Will we get six weeks to clear our mid-year Iron Man bonuses as we did in Jan.-Feb.?

      - Yep.

      34. when i go to close a table the "cancel/yes" box disappears behind the table

      - Very odd. Do you run any third party apps that might interfere with focus issues?

      35. Can we get the software to "remember" how you size the notes window? I have a LOT of notes on some players and I'd love it if the notes window would just be permanently huge when I open it

      - Yes, but I don't know when.

      36. Would like to see when you search for somebody who is playing MTTs (Their current standing in their particular MTT.

      - Yeah, we need to improve that dialog (and the "Registered in Tournaments" dialog). Not sure when we'll get to it, but we will get to it.

      37. In the April update, FTP points were devalued to be worth approximately .0045/point. However, they were still hitting MGR at .005/point. Has this been addressed?

      - The value (in FTP) of the items in the store isn't particularly consistent. There was no overall "devaluing" of FTPs in the store. Some items are priced around .0045/point like you say, but others are higher and lower. Generally speaking, you get a better deal on the items Full Tilt wants to "move." So an FTOPS tournament ticket has slightly more value than a similarly priced generic ticket. However, the MGR hit is consistent across the board. This discrepancy might actually grow over time (if we deeply discount items in the store, for example) instead of getting more consistent.

      38. Could we get a button on SNG tables that will open the next SNG of the same type? You could put it where you put the rebuy button in rebuys, and have it red when you aren't registered for the next one, and faded when you are, kinda like the rebuy button does depending on your chip count.

      - I like it. I'll make sure it's down on the list.

      39. add an option to change SNs

      - We don't have any plans for this at the moment.

      40. how about some keyboard shortcuts, for "Fold" if nothing else?

      - This may happen someday, but there are no current plans.

      41. Cash players have been asking for cash bonuses for months, Doug you cant keep ignoring this we are not going away. Need to provided an answer of FTP Store carrying cash bonuses

      - There currently aren't any plans to add cash bonuses to the normal FTP store.

      42. The TLB top 200 freeroll is a joke imo. You guys give out a 12k package to one person. I think a better way to do it would be to break down that $12k into T$ or just cash. Pay out top 18 in the field. Make it a turbo 2 since a large % of the top 200 tlb'ers are 90 and 45 man grinders...

      - I agree there is definitely some room for improvement here. We'll talk about it and see what we can come up with to make it a better freeroll.

      43. may have been adressed before but why are there no $330 + $15 hu plo sng's? only thing that's missing really

      - Just an oversight. They're in now.

      44. could we get a "fold and show" feature

      - Maybe someday, but it's not in the pipeline at the moment.

      45. Doug, why am I forced to sit out until my blind when I joined the tournament exactly one minute into the first round. Combine that with the fact that I was moved right before my blind and was told again that I'd have to wait and it's a bit tilting. This was not even a super turbo or anything.

      - When we first implemented late reg we were actually debating between the current rule (having to wait for your BB if you miss what would have been your BB had you entered on time) and actually putting "phantom" stacks on all the tables that got blinded away as the tournament went on. The latter was deemed too harsh, so we went with the former.

      The one complaint about this system that I think is totally valid is when someone gets really unlucky and gets moved a bunch before the BB gets to them and has to wait like 10 minutes before getting dealt a hand. I'm going to look into the possibility of changing the rule slightly so that if you get moved you no longer have to wait for your BB to be dealt in. I think at that point it will be a solid rule.

      46. are we ever going to see draw games? if so, which games - 2-7 TD, NL 2-7 SD, 5CD, badugi - and when might we see them?

      - Yes. Yes. Hopefully this calendar year.

      47. In a Satellite MTT, can you include the buy-in to the target tournament somewhere in the tourney lobby or the info "1 seat is awarded for every $x.xx in the prize pool" and also (thinking of things like the Mini WSOP here) a link to the target tourney lobby rather than the web page about the whole series.

      - I'll look into the first thing. The second (a link to the target tourney) already exists in the satellite's tournament lobby (but only while it's registering) in the box to the right of the Prize Pool box, you can click the tournament number and it will take you to the target tournament.

      48. $26 rush's like 135 man sngs. Currently they are only every 50 min, just make them a sng.

      - This has been in place for a couple of weeks now. Does anyone have any feedback? Would you like them to go back to being scheduled every 50 minutes, or do you like them as real SNGs?

      49. Please, for the love of all that is holy, allow people to change the CLOCK IN THE LOBBY to their own timezone. It's beyond overdue, like years overdue sir

      - It's definitely planned. I don't know when, but it will happen. I agree it's long overdue, sorry about that.

      50. Please go back to keeping the Step tickets in the Step system, as soon as they were able to be played in any MTT, the volume at 5 and higher dropped insanely. Used to run anywhere from 8-10 7s in a day

      - Steps 3 and higher have always been usable in any MTT of that buyin, nothing has changed there. What has changed is the Step 7 itself. The WSOP version is far more popular than the WPT version, so fewer Step 7s are going to go off. We're going to work on adding more events that will hopefully appeal to more players for those Step 7s.

      51. Why can't observed hands be replayed in the Hand Replayer Window? Just don't have it show the hand history text, but show the GUI

      - They can. Are you still having this problem? There shouldn't be an issue replaying observed hands in the replayer.

      52. Allow short handed play in FR Rush poker when there aren't enough players to make it reasonably fast (say less than 20).

      - Yep, we've thought of that, and hope to have the time to implement it someday.

      53. was wondering if there is a chance to add deepstack tables to the mixed games at Heads Up Sit & Go's?

      - Yes, there's a chance.

      54. if you could add a $1 rush omaha super turbo rebuy it would be unlike anything else

      - I agree.

      55. is there any hope for 4-max scheduled MTTs on ftp?

      - There is hope, but it's long term hope.

  • 46 respuestas
    • Chartoule
      Registro: 04-25-2009 Artículos: 1.787
      FTP no me conoce.. me pone un T al estilo medalla del iron man diciendome que soy un 'True poker player', en fin..
    • Omrell
      Registro: 10-26-2009 Artículos: 3.422
      Eso es una medallita tipo la de IronMan, Options/Badge Display Options, y toquetea por ahí :)
    • CORAB
      Registro: 03-27-2010 Artículos: 57
      Un desastre

      No funciona bien el Table Ninja con la nueva lista de espera

      PORQUE TIENEN QUE DAR INFO SOBRE MI A MIS ADVERSARIOS???? No quiero dar nada de info gratis que usen el PT o HM o vayan a ciegas

      Para meter las medallitas de los coj... los marcos del nombre parecen una lapida

      Aparte que la web no rula supongo que por sobrecarga
    • jimmy08
      Registro: 01-04-2009 Artículos: 2.602
      ahora le tendré que dar a "en espera " cada vez que quiera ver cuanta gente está en lista de espera? menudo atraso

      P.D: "Siempre y entrar en lista de espera individual"? que es esto?
    • warbandit
      Registro: 02-04-2010 Artículos: 465
      ¿Alguien sabe que quiere decir eso de true poker player?
    • 5achiel
      Registro: 08-26-2009 Artículos: 1.932
      Lo de la lista de espera me da asco X(

      Edit: Ya no jeje ya le encontre el chiste a esto :D , hay que crear un favorito, tipo de mesa, jugadores minimos sentados, % jugadores flop y solito te pone en lista de espera de todas las mesas existentes según el filtro que hayas definido ;)
    • Lonewolfito
      Registro: 08-01-2009 Artículos: 6.652
      Jajaja algunos se sarpan en llorones, mas buscar opciones y tratar de encontrarle el lado bueno a los cambios (que por cierto hay varios) y menos llanto :P
    • alejogambler
      Registro: 09-29-2008 Artículos: 1.329
      de acuerdo en que lo de las listas de espera es una completa mierda....
    • antonio0810
      Registro: 07-15-2009 Artículos: 293
      Yo no lo veo tan mierda ya que igualmente puedes inscribirte en una mesa en concreto si quieres, es decir, es lo mismo que antes solo que puedes hacer que te ponga en todas las mesas en espera según tus preferencias, %jugadores al flop..etc
    • DKJ
      Registro: 04-04-2008 Artículos: 685
      No me gusta q las notas q tenia a mis rivales se veian bien en el margen inferior izquierdo, y ahora sale a la izquierda super pekeño y me cuesta incluso diferenciar algunos colores. me gustaria q eso se viera mejor
    • Omrell
      Registro: 10-26-2009 Artículos: 3.422
      Si os fijais, se puede filtrar la lista de espera, por lo que puede ser muy util... lo malo es que todavia no hay compatiblidad con el TableNinja.
    • nowitzkimvp
      Registro: 02-15-2009 Artículos: 163
      original de DKJ
      No me gusta q las notas q tenia a mis rivales se veian bien en el margen inferior izquierdo, y ahora sale a la izquierda super pekeño y me cuesta incluso diferenciar algunos colores. me gustaria q eso se viera mejor
    • alexete
      Registro: 10-16-2007 Artículos: 659
      Menudo asco de actualizacion, a mi el table scanner del HM tampoco me funciona, me tira error: "Table/Player list not found in lobby", alguna idea?? :fuuu:
    • CARPmasi
      Registro: 11-22-2008 Artículos: 1.058
      Las medallas se pueden ocultar, pero lo de la lista de espera en parte esta bueno para los que les da igual cualquier mesa, pero si tocas eso te va a sentar al azar y mesas llenas de regulares,

      Lo que no entiendo es para que sacaron la cantidad de gente que hay en lista de espera y tener que tocar mas botones para fijarse, hubieran agregado pero sin sacar.

      Para meter las medallitas de los coj... los marcos del nombre parecen una lapida
      +1 que asco.

      No me gusta q las notas q tenia a mis rivales se veian bien en el margen inferior izquierdo, y ahora sale a la izquierda super pekeño y me cuesta incluso diferenciar algunos colores. me gustaria q eso se viera mejor
      OMG hasta que me doy cuenta que lo tenia noteado, y rezando que el hud no me tape el super icono maximizado de las notas, me quedo sit out en todas las mesas.

      Sobre la insignia:

      Creo que la tienen todos los que depositaron plata. Si no que alguien me explique por favor. En realidad todos los que jguaron al menos a algo por dinero real, sea s&g o 1 mano de cash, etc..
    • alejoMerchan
      Registro: 08-01-2008 Artículos: 1.653
      eso de true player es la medalla mas tonta que he visto jeje, como si esa medallita te motivara a ingresar dinero, no me gustan todas esas medalllas en el avatar, +1 por lo de favoritos.
    • Este1900
      Registro: 06-10-2009 Artículos: 17
      Lo de la lista, cuando lo filtras usando favoritos va bien.

      Lo de las medallas, ¿hay alguna forma de quitar la medalla de true player para los otros jugadores? Es que cada dos por tres cuando hago click sobre una de las mesas (y eso que solo juego dos, tres como mucho cuando voy a salir de otra), le doy a alguna de las medallas sin querer y me salta el navegador.
    • antonio0810
      Registro: 07-15-2009 Artículos: 293
      original de DKJ
      No me gusta q las notas q tenia a mis rivales se veian bien en el margen inferior izquierdo, y ahora sale a la izquierda super pekeño y me cuesta incluso diferenciar algunos colores. me gustaria q eso se viera mejor
      Tanto el estilo del marco como el de las notas pueds hacer que vuelvan a ser como antes de la actualizacion entrando en
      opciones->insignias-> esconder

      y listo :D :)
    • gusti882
      Registro: 11-10-2009 Artículos: 323
      Lo de las medallas si lo quieren poner, me da igual, no lo veo mal, pero que sean links es una mierda, porque no tengo un super monitor, y las ventanas se me superponen, y al final termino haciendo click en el puto hipervinculo de la medalla y se me abre el navegador.

      Lo de los Sit n' Go es lo mejor que hicieron, es mucho mas rapido incribirse, eso si vale la pena.
    • romannalo
      Registro: 02-24-2010 Artículos: 114
      original de gusti882
      Lo de las medallas si lo quieren poner, me da igual, no lo veo mal, pero que sean links es una mierda, porque no tengo un super monitor, y las ventanas se me superponen, y al final termino haciendo click en el puto hipervinculo de la medalla y se me abre el navegador.

      Lo de los Sit n' Go es lo mejor que hicieron, es mucho mas rapido incribirse, eso si vale la pena.
      eso lo cambias en opciones>opciones de insignia