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Nueva Actualizacion

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    • LosAses
      Registro: 09-30-2008 Artículos: 10.367
      Mmmmm yo sigo con el mismo formato jejejej

      Estoy a gusto... :)
    • Omrell
      Registro: 10-26-2009 Artículos: 3.422
      Siento que sea en inglés, pero es sencillito de entender =)

      A. Highlighting Your Tables and Tournaments in the Main Lobby: Any table or tournament you're currently playing will now be green in the main lobby and any tournament you're currently registered for will be purple. The one part of this feature still missing is highlighting all of the ring game tables you're currently on the wait list for. We couldn't get the functionality for that in for this release, but it is coming.

      If you don't like the colors, we've also added a way to modify the highlight colors. Look for the LobbyItemAppearances.xml file in your Full Tilt Poker\Graphics\Lobby directory and edit the appropriate lines you want to change. (I realize this is slightly advanced, and if there is a lot of complaints about the colors we picked we may create a more user-friendly method of changing your highlight colors.)

      B. Late Registration changes: Two significant changes to late reg for this update. First, we now explicitly show in the tournament lobby how many levels late reg will last (right under the "Starts" field). And second, we've changed it so that late registration can continue even during a synchronized break. Both of these changes mean we can now more freely play with the late reg times for lots of tournaments.

      As of today most guarantees will now allow late reg for a full hour's worth of levels and most non-guarantee tournaments will allow late reg for 2 levels. Turbos, Super Turbos, and Rush tournaments will all vary from this "standard" as will especially large and deeper structured tournaments (like FTOPS).

      C. Log Files now written out after a crash: We're working hard on eliminating any crashes left in the game, and to that end would like to start collecting as much detailed information on any and all crashes that our players are still experiencing. So now when your game crashes, a log file will be written out to your hard drive. We've set up an email account that we'd love you to send those log files to. For now this is only working for Windows machines.

      So, next time you crash, if you'd like to help us figure out exactly what happened and why so that we can fix it, follow these steps:

      1. If you have not done so already, re-start the FTP client. This will compress the log file and make it smaller and easier to send via email.
      2. Attach the file(s) located in your \Full Tilt Poker\Cache directory ending in .cdp and the cdp.dat file located in the same folder.
      3. In the email itself, write up a short description of what you were doing (and what other software you had running) when the game crashed.
      4. Send the mail with these attachments to

      In the future we will make this a much easier process (like clicking a single button the next time you start the game) but for now we wanted to start getting data in as soon as possible.

      D. "Auto-Open Tournament Lobby" Option: This new option (found under Options) allows you to stop the tournament lobby from appearing after you've manually closed it. So if you close the lobby and then bust out of a SNG, for example, when you close the table itself the lobby won't pop up any more. Uncheck the option for this new functionality.

      E. Rush Poker Changes: Check/Fold has become Check/Quick Fold, the Quick Fold button is a normal sized button now, and you can sit out for 60 minutes without getting booted from your table instead of 15 minutes.

      F. More ways to add player notes: You can now take notes from any tournament lobby, Rush Poker lobby, or the ring game player list in the Main Lobby.

      G. Next Tournament Countdown Widget: This new widget shows the next four tournaments that you're registered for and includes a countdown for when they will start. This should make it easy to see at a glance what you have starting and when. Click the "Customize" button at the bottom of the widget area in Standard View to add this widget.

      H. Launch Last Hand Replayer from Requests Menu: You no longer have to open a table and wait for a hand to complete to launch the LHH replayer. Just go to the Requests Menu or use Ctrl-H (or Command-G on a Mac) to open it up.
    • aruquense
      Registro: 05-19-2007 Artículos: 463
      Gracias por la info Omrell :s_biggrin: