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      hola al tratar de mandar dinero a la cuenta de 1 amigo me aparece esto

      Your account is locked for outgoing payments therefore we cannot complete this transaction. To unlock your account, you must send a VERIFIED copy of your passport or national identity card to the following address:

      Welken House
      10-11 Charterhouse Square
      London EC1M 6EH
      United Kingdom

      We accept as VERIFIED, all copies which are certified in your country of residence by:

      * a licenced notary public; OR
      * a licenced solicitor or attorney-at-law; OR
      * a regulated bank or financial institution; OR
      * a local government authority (e.g. the police)

      as true copies of the original.

      alguien sabe a q se debe y/o como arreglarlo?

      edit: al como arreglarlo me refiero a q tengo q mandar en el correo 1 fotocopia de mi cedula ya lo se, pero como la verifico? en el correo solo tengo q mandar eso?

      la verdad que no entiendo nada trate de mandar 1 mail a pero me tira error
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