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    • Adapter1337
      Registro: 01-17-2010 Artículos: 734
      Hello every1.
      I live in spain last year (Marbella) and my income is online poker.
      Are here(marbella) some proffesional players also who have same day(night)job (online poker)?
      Would like to meet and discuss, go to casinos and so on (maybe homegames??).
      And i may need some help (looking for new computer for example, where to buy).
      Right now i rent 1 room, maybe someone have pokerflat and looking for roommate?
      I play cash games, not tourneys.
      Sorry about my english :)
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    • sara
      Administrador jefe
      Administrador jefe
      Registro: 09-20-2006 Artículos: 13.757
      Hello and welcome to our forum :)

      There might be some users also living close to Marbella who can help you. If not, I'm sure that you'll find a lot of users in the English community.